This blog is about Beatrix’s endless adulting mishaps on her journey towards true love – with herself. It is “Sex and the City” meets “Bridget Jones’s Diary,” although she hasn’t found her Mark Darcy yet. Think of Beatrix as the proverbial “cat lady”…well, actually she loves cats but doesn’t own any. Ok think of her as a plant lady. Mmm…she does have plants but can’t remember the last time she watered them and they are looking a little droopy. Youch.

When Beatrix was a little girl she read fairytales about princesses in trouble and knights who slayed their dragons. What Beatrix was never told was that when she entered adulthood, the world would become an endless series of dragons. The dragons, however, were mortgages, back pain, work shenanigans, and unrequited love scenarios… with knights nowhere to be found.

So Beatrix, who once thought the world was a storybook of benign talking animals, found herself hurled into a world where dragons lurked around every corner. And these dragons could only be slain by her and her alone.

So every morning, Beatrix throws on her armor, sharpens her sword, and gets ready for the dragon of the day. For in the world of adulting in the 21st century, every new day brings a new dragon to slay…

Beware, this blog contains adult content. Pseudonyms are used and details changed to allow for the plausible deniability of any actual people or events.

If you think you know the real-life Beatrix, maybe you do. Maybe she is your socially awkward coworker who’s always reading a Sylvia Plath book in the break room…maybe she is the woman one car over at the stoplight on your morning commute who is frantically applying eyeliner…or maybe, sometimes, she is you.

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