Love Silenced

Love silenced
Is a child bereft
Dragging his feet in the sand


Shakespeare understood
Unrequited love

He once loved a dark woman
And/or a young man
Who perhaps thought him to be Pedestrian
His sonnets to be overrated
His mind to be dull

Who perhaps found
Being the subject of his admiration
To be mildly disconcerting

The Lesson

We call on angels
To resurrect us from the cross
Of our self-loathing
And they come
Disguised as our enemies
To teach us
To bow down

Life’s jungle will test us
On every level
Be prepared to sink
And in sinking
Be prepared to rise
In the ways that count


Why else are we here
But to break the ground
By sticking these pillars               Into the earth
With gumption


You wear autonomy well
Like a Marc Jacobs suit
But it would look better on my floor


We reach for each other
Madly pawing at the place
Where the flesh ends
And the spirit begins

Syncopated in desire for flesh on flesh
As if through this continuum
Of longing
We could escape the clutches of time

I taste all the exquisite flavors of you
Palpate all of the light and the dark
Chambers of your being
The darkness inside of you
Is as delicious as the light

I play with this fire
The closer I get
Every cell in my being is awakened
And even as I am burning
I am pulled
By this ecstasy
Of dancing with you

God comes in many colors
But the color of you is unlike any other

In this state of beautiful insanity
I can only speak in Rumi poetry

You have miracles in your eyes…

To touch you is prayer…

My spirit is crawling out of my flesh suit
And I am levitating
Getting drunk off of beauty
And falling in love with sunbeams

We are two lions
Devouring each other’s flesh
Drinking each other’s souls

Perhaps I will find the ground tomorrow
But now, I am enjoying being airborne

“Where are you now?” he asks while making love to me

“I am on the moon”

“And now?”

“I am in the stars”

And he laughs
A child’s laugh
Innocent and unassuming
And it reaches inside of me
And holds my heart

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