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Here is a secret about me. I have been a songwriter ever since I was 15, sitting in a field of daisies with my guitar and my best friend and suddenly the sky opened and bestowed lyrics upon me. Truthfully, it wasn’t actually that grandiose. In fact, my first several songs as a teen used an exorbitant amount of flying and freedom metaphors (as little girls who write songs do), but lyricism has always been my first love. 

Since adolescence, my guitar has been my muse and my touchstone. Nashville, for a time, was a seemingly tenable dream that I ran towards full throttle. My mother used to bestow lavish praise upon me every time I presented my lyrical opuses, and, I was led to believe I could achieve anything. 

I even went to a small, Jane Austin-style town in England to get my masters in Music and Songwriting. But alas, upon my return…well, you know the story. We live in a monetary system, a world not entirely conducive to the “Ferdinands” of the world (in reference to the children’s book about the bull who would rather “smell the flowers” than fight other bulls). 

Now I am a bullfighting Ferdinand, or trying to be. But sometimes, I curl up with my guitar to “smell the flowers” and remember the gentler pursuits of life.

Here is a Sufi-esque song that I wrote about humanity awaking from the dream of separation…embracing the reality of cosmic connection.