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Most of my single friends of both genders are constantly bemoaning their misadventures when it comes to navigating the treacherous online dating world.

….”We text for two weeks, then she ghosts me.”

…”We meet for tea and he ends up looking like the ‘grandpa’ of his profile pic.”

… “I just didn’t find the actual person behind the online profile interesting.”

Being the altruist that I am, the “Mother Theresa” of the dating world if you will, I have come up with the perfect solution to eliminate the pitfalls of dating apps. Now, find me a venture capitalist and let’s hook this up! Here is my pitch.

VideoMe (get the Real Deal). 

Are you a busy student or working professional who’s been hitting the dating apps and finding that they are not providing much yield?

Maybe you match with a stokeworthy prospect, text for a week or two but then the conversation inexplicably dies. You have just wasted hour(s) of your life attempting to concoct fun, witty texts for nothing.

Maybe you match with a seemingly perfect person – your inevitable soulmate. You go on a first date – having already planned the wedding in your head – but within about 5 seconds realize that there is zero chemistry. You have just wasted hour(s) of your Saturday and have plucked your eyebrows or ironed your shirt for nothing. 

Maybe you hook up a date, and even though your online match ends up being a descent person, the actual conversation feels stilted. You realize instantly that if you met this person at a party, they would not be the one you would be chatting up.

Dun du du dum, introducing “Video-Me.” Remember watching the movie “Must Love Dogs” and being floored that Sarah sifted through a series of hilarious and bemusing videos where dudes introduced themselves and indicated what they were looking for in a lady?

Now old-school video bios meets the modern online dating world. You have one minute to introduce yourself, say what you do for a living, list a few hobbies, then indicate the kind of person you are looking for. No hats or sunglasses allowed. Show those beautiful eyes. Hold your camera in front of your face (or get a friend to shoot it) and go!

Too shy to make a video? No problem. The video is not required to join this site. You are welcome to stick up a profile pic instead and still enjoy perusing the other video bios. You can always add your own video later if inspired. 

Worried about there being a video of you floating around in the web? Fear not, the video bios will disappear (Snapchat style) after they are watched. 

And now for the best feature. You don’t have to fear falling into the “pen pal” trap because the initial interaction is a “video chat” call. The green light indicates when a person is online and accepting calls. Ladies first – the girl makes the first call. 

This “video chat” feature will get you much closer to eliminating the physical-appearance guessing game (i.e. going by grainy photos with faces hidden behind sunglasses that may or may not be 10 years old). It also will reveal right away how at ease you feel with this person. It’s like a mini-cyber date! Time saver? Big time! 

You’re welcome everyone.