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So come with me where dreams are born and time is never planned. Just think of happy things and your heart will fly on wings forever in never never land.”
-Peter Pan

Today is a perfect day.

Filaments of warm, golden sunlight are pouring through the pine-forest and there is something indecipherably sweet and aromatic in the air.

I think that after the hill upon which my condominium complex is perched became a climate disaster zone due to the snowpocalypse last winter, a benign season will feel like heavenly choirs of angels have parted the clouds in celestial exaltation.

Even though a significant amount of infrastructure is still down up here including collapsed carports and catwalks, the sun is finally heralding…something good. New beginnings?

I’ve decided that it’s going to rock living in my “treehouse” (townhouse with a stellar view of fire trees) this summer.

It will especially rock if the smoke from forest fires doesn’t turn this town into a futuristic dystopia. It was a straight up “Night of the Living Dead” scenario last August. Give me one season where global warming isn’t breathing down our necks, and I will sing with the exalting heavenly angels. One season to believe that the world is made up of squirrels and bunnies and baby fawns.

I was meditating on love today, because spring is when the earth starts loving on the sun and all the woodland creatures start furiously mating and the birds go apeshit in their cacophonous choir in the sky.

Love – this invisible cosmic soup – this ebbing and flowing of emotion that we navigate every day – with each other, with ourself, and with our environment – is the driving force for existence.

The things that inspire love –  the tingling warmth of sunlight on skin…the soft plushness of bedsheets…the taste of freshly roasted nuts…lips kissing lips with warm, wet affection…dogs jumping up on laps with unhinged exuberance. This, I believe, is why people keep making more people.

Because on days like today, I think I see why…why all of this…why all of us…why the universe keeps giving birth to itself.